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Ludwig Quidde

The Nobel Peace Prize 1927
Nobel co-recipient Ferdinand Buisson

Historian. Member, German Parliament. Professor, Berlin University

"…Kant found the only assurance for peace in the idea that war would become so terrible and unbearable that human beings, even though they remain as morally weak as they now are, would be forced to work together for peace…"


Quidde Fig.1 Quidde Fig.2

Quidde's Father and Mother Ludwig August and Anna Adelheid Quidde. Source: Wikipedia

Quidde Fig.3

Brother Georg Quidde, Ludwig Quidde und Rudolf Quidde. 1867 Source: Wikimedia Commons

Quidde Fig.4

Ludwig Quidde standing third from right in the front row from the front in the circle of his high school class, 1876 Source: Wikipedia

Quidde Fig.5

Ludwig Quidde with wife Margaret, 1888 in Venice. Source: Wikipedia

Quidde Fig.6

World Peace Congress in Munich in 1907: Sitting second from left is Nobelist Bertha von Suttner [1905], right next is Ludwig Quidde [third from left], next to him Nobelist Fredric Passy [1901], behind him his wife Margarethe Quidde, on her left is Nobelist Henri La Fontaine [1913], Standing third from right Nobelist Alfred Hermann Fried [1911]. Source: Wikipedia.

Quidde Fig.7

Nobelist Henri La Fontaine [1913] and Ludwig Quidde (1858-1941 - historian, writer, German liberal politician, pacifist, Nobel Peace Prize in 1927), at the Opening Session of the XXIIIrd Universal Peace Congress in the Reichstag Room, Berlin, 1924 (Photography Continental Photo, Berlin) Source: Wikimedia Commons

Quidde Fig9

Painting Of Ludwig Quidde, 1930 Painted by Hans Lehmkuhl in Munich Author: Atthis 124 Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Name: Ludwig Quidde
Birth: 23 March 1858, Bremen, Germany
Death: 23 March 1858, Bremen, Germany
Residence when prize awarded: Germany
Award: Participant of various peace conferences, Member, German Parliament, Professor, Berlin University
Nobel Lecture
Collected Papers
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Honoring Quidde