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Simon S. Kuznets Ph.D.

Simon S. Kuznets Ph.D.

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1971

Economist and Statistician. Interpreted economic growth in a manner which helped better understand economic and social structure.

Copyright Renewal Records

Author:Simon Kuznets
Title:Economic Change
Renewal ID:RE107913
Original Registration No.A87487
Date of Renewal:10 Dec., 1981
Date of Publication:15 April, 1953
Claimant:Simon Kuznets(A)
Class Code:A
Author:Simon Kuznets
Title:Six Lectures on Economic Growth
Renewal ID:RE346010
Original Registration No.A727722
Date of Renewal:12 Aug., 1987
Date of Publication:4 Jan., 1959
Claimant:Simion Kuznet(A)
Class Code:A
Author:Simon Kuznets, Wilbert E.Moore, Joseph Spengler
Title:The Economic Growth, Brazil, India, Japan
Renewal ID:RE1776640
Original Registration No.A211795
Date of Renewal:20 Sept., 1983
Date of Publication:31 Oct., 1955
Claimant:Simon Kuznets, Wilbert E. Moore, Joseph J. Spengler(A)
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Author:Abram Bergson, Simon Kuznets
Title:Economic Trends in the Soviet Union
Renewal ID:RE507042
Original Registration No.A609303
Date of Renewal:11 Sept., 1001
Date of Publication:11 Sept., 1963
Claimant:Edith Kuznets (W) and Abram Bergson(A)
Class Code:A

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Name: Simon S. Kuznets
Birth: 30 April 1901, Pinsk, Russian Empire (now Belarus)
Death: 8 July 1985, Cambridge, MA, USA
Institution: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Award: "for his empirically founded interpretation of economic growth which has led to new and deepened insight into the economic and social structure and process of development"
Subject: economic growth, economic history
Portion of Prize: 1/1
Nobel Prize Lecture
Nobel Prize Medal and Cash